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Regarding Start of Partnership Negotiations with GMK Energy

Based on our company's new vision and investment plans, studies have been initiated to develop geothermal investments focused on ESG ("Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance") in the field of sustainable energy investments.

In this regard, partnership negotiations have been started with "GMK Renewable Energy Engineering Manufacturing Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company" (, - is one of the largest consultancy firms in Europe in terms of capacity - has proven itself in the geothermal energy sector locally and globally, has geothermal fields and licenses, has taken an active role in various stages from geothermal exploration studies to the transition to operation of a total of 1,200 MW power plants in domestic and international fields, works on geothermal district heating and greenhouses.

The meetings cover the evaluation of GMK Energy's existing fields in terms of geothermal energy investment, the development of new investments on a global scale and the investments in organized industrial zone based on geothermal supported agriculture under ESG principles.

Developments regarding the partnership negotiations will be regularly published on the Public Disclosure Platform.

It is announced with respect to the public and our valuable investors.

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