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Application for Allocated Capital Increase

At the meeting of the Company's Board of Directors dated 14.11.2023:

1. The board of directors' decision regarding the capital increase dated 19.07.2023 is amended as follows,

2. Provided that our company remains within the registered capital ceiling of 150,000,000 TL, the total issued capital of 15,545,626 TL, consisting of shares with a nominal value of 1.00 TL each, is 69,749,026.00 TL, with the preemptive rights of the existing partners completely restricted. 34,237,280.00 TL from Venture Capital LLP's receivables will be offset from Alpha Ventures Investment LLP's receivables and the total sale amount of the shares will be 103,986,306.00 TL, related to the Wholesale Buying and Selling Transactions of Borsa İstanbul A.Ş. To increase the number and amount of shares to be issued by issuing shares in a nominal amount corresponding to the sales price of 103,986,306.00 TL, based on the share sales price to be determined as the base price to be calculated within the framework of the procedure,

3. All of the shares to be issued will be issued as Group (B) non-privileged shares that are traded on the Stock Exchange, and the shares equivalent to 69,749,026.00 TL will be given to UP Venture Capital LLP, and the shares equivalent to 34,237,280.00 TL will be given to Alpha Ventures Investment LLP. to be allocated to

4. All of the shares representing the increased capital amount will be sold to UP Venture Capital LLP and Alpha Ventures Investment LLP by Borsa İstanbul A.Ş., in accordance with the distribution in Article 2, by private sale method, without offering them to the public. to be sold through wholesale transactions within the framework of the regulations, to apply to the Capital Markets Board for the approval of the export document to be issued for this purpose,

5. Board fees, brokerage commissions and other expenses related to share issuance will be paid separately, apart from the income to be obtained from the private capital increase,

6. Capital Markets Board and Borsa Istanbul A.Ş. In order to carry out capital increase transactions in accordance with the regulations, necessary applications are made, obtaining permissions and execution and completion of the transactions are made to the Capital Markets Board, Borsa Istanbul A.Ş., Central Registry Agency Inc., Ministry of Commerce and all other relevant official institutions and organizations. It was unanimously decided to authorize the management to carry out all kinds of transactions.

As of today, an application has been made to the Capital Markets Board regarding the decision in question.

It is announced with respect to the public and our investors.

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